ArtAmari March 2015

ArtAmari Residency
Lecture by El Ka
Monday, 23 March, 7.00pm
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete – Art Workshops
Himaras 8, Rethymnon

The artistic duo El Ka (France/Belgium) presented their work and talked about their experience from the region of Amari, where they came to work in the context of the fifth season of artAmari Residency.

Εl Ka was the artists’ scehme currently hosted at ArtAmari Residency following an open competition. The duo of ‘nomad’ artists work in photography, video and installations. Their current project, "Flying Sculptures", is about ephemeral ‘sculptures’ made from materials they find  as they travel — refuse, actually, but refuse that acquires a sculptural aspect and visual value at the fleeting moment they are photographed. In this way El Ka ‘map’ various parts of the planet and present a mute comment on consumerism through a conceptually  powerful as well as aesthetically pleasing series of photographs.

The aim of artAmari Residency is to erect cultural bridges between the region and foreign cultures via visual art; to get artists from other countries to know the unique beauty of Amari and the local population to approach and acquaint themselves with contemporary artistic creation.

The event opened with a brief introduction to the concept of residency in general and the course of artAmari in the last two years.

Organised by the artist Angeliki Douveri, artAmari Residency grows and evolves on the basis of collaboration. The progress of the whole venture is gradually recorded on and

The lecture was organised in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.

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