ArtAmari May 2015

ArtAmari Residency
Lecture by visual artist Paz de la Calzada
Tuesday, 5 May, 7:30pm
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Himaras 5, Rethymnon

Paz de la Calzada (Spain/USA) was the artist currently hosted at ArtAmari Residency​ as part of the Parallel Programme for projects around the Minoan civilisation. Paz present her work and talked about her experience from the region of Amari and her current project, Nomadic Labyrinth.

Paz works with various media: painting, constructions, public art. Nomadic Labyrinth is a mobile sculpture made of carpet to the artist’s design and functions as a path. It has been installed in various locations, inviting viewers to walk on it as part of an interactive experience of quest, introspection or even of a game. The artist’s fascination with the idea of the labyrinth led her here, in Crete,  the birthplace of the original labyrinth with the seven circles. Paz constructed such a Minoan labyrinth and went on to explore our local mythology, folk and church tradition and even the flora so as to establish a link between art, everyday life and the ritual of walking which is of interest to an increasing number of artists.

The activities around the project include a festive meeting in the labyrinth at Assomaton School and the entry of this labyrinth into a world map of ancient and modern labyrinths; yet another labyrinth will be constructed at the High School of Fourfouras with the aid of the students.

The event opened with a brief introduction to the concept of residency in general and the course of artAmari in the last two years.

Organised by the artist Angeliki Douveri, artAmari Residency grows and evolves on the basis of collaboration. The progress of the whole venture is gradually recorded on and

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29 June - End of October 2019
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