Sunday, February 16, 1997.
Lecture on: “Man, a mask without a mask”
Nikos Papageorgiou, ethnologist

Within the framework of the exhibition Traditional and Devotional masks from around the world, a lecture was given at the Rethymnon Town Hall entitled: “Man, a mask without a mask”.

The ethnologist Nikos Papageorgiou, has worked for years in UNESCO, has travelled all over the world and has been able to gather an amazing collection of masks. Apart from the great interest they have for the spectator, they constitute testimonies of the traditions, the customs and practices of the peoples they come from. The lecturer prepared the audience concerning the exhibits they would peruse at in the exhibition by presenting part of his very interesting research.

Mr.  Papageorgiou said inter alia:
“…It is not an easy to describe Primitive art in a few words because this art is dispersed throughout the world and differs from country to country. Also, there are very few tribes who continue to exhibit some sort of activity of this nature.
From the time though, that great painters like Picasso, Klee, Matisse and others shifted the attention of the public to primitive art, the interest of the public for that sort of art has greatly increased. The mask gives the opportunity, without a doubt, to any man to change his personality. It constitutes one of the most ancient expressions of man”…
The exhibition at the EOMMEX building opened its doors right after the end of the lecture.

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