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Friday, 30 May 2014, “How to explain politics to a skinned hare”, Angelos Skourtis, MCA Crete (Himaras 5), 19:30

A week of May devoted to the International Museum Day, with events for children and adults by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.

“How to explain politics to a skinned hare”,
by Angelos Skourtis with the participation of Maria Marangou
On Friday 30 May at 19:30 at the CCA Crete, art was expressed through a political speech in Angelos Skourtis’s performance How to explain politics to a skinned hare. The artist counts the dead from the Greek financial crisis in the years of bailout packages, with a reference to Joseph Beuys—the artist who turned his life into an artwork. Maria Marangou joins him and reads brief texts on art and the crisis.

Angelos Skourtis
pays tribute to the great artist through the media and the reactions of an artist of today in the Greece of today. He keeps counting, churning out figures in an effort to make us realise the number of suicides in the years of the recession; his ‘accomplices are a skinned hare and his friend Maria Marangou, who pursues her own dialogue with the artists and perhaps also with the hare, thinking aloud about art and life.

The performance was first shown in April as part of the antifascist festival of Embros Theatre in Athens. Admission is free.

Admission was free.

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