Akis Raptis

Light in the old city of Rethymnon

Ibrahim Han Mosque, Fortezza, Rethymnon
Organized under the auspices of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Duration: 26th August - 10th September 2012


Akis Raptis: Light in the old city of Rethymnon

The painting exhibition “Light in the old city of Rethymnon” of Akis Raptis, organized under the auspices of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete at the Ibrahim Han Mosque (Fortezza, Rethymnon), opened on Sunday 26 August 2012.

The painter, having studied the work of artists such as Klee, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Opy Zouni, Michalis Michailidis, Constantinos Xenakis and Yannis Moralis, comes in his turn to combine three different disciplines in his work: art, mathematics and music.

In his works, executed in oil, acrylic or pencil, space is rigorously organised on the basis of order and rhythm, the strict succession of geometric shapes and the austere use of colour, while the artist also explores the third dimension.

Art historian Hera Papapostolou notes in the catalogue of the exhibition:
”The chromatic geometrical juxtapositions lead Akis Raptis to depict the rhythmic changes of light—specifically, the white light that comes from the Sun. As a result he manages to demonstrate the poetic function of light in the old city of Rethymnon, in its physical aspect (the light emitted from a luminous source can be broken down to its constituents) as well as its spiritual one.

The dominant sensation is one of an open environment drenched in light, since the painter manages to be at once rationally geometric and lyrical, skilfully rendering the vastness of space, interior and exterior, and conveying to the viewer the deeper spiritual image of the world”.

The exhibition will run through September 10, 2012.

Ibrahim Han Mosque, Fortezza - Rethymnon
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Daily:                 10:00 - 19:00

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